KasimirJS - pure javascript browser libraries

KasimirJS is a set of pure ES6 browser side front end developing libraries. It is natively supported by all recent browsers and focuses on ease of development. KasimirJS is no framework and therefor comes without development dogmas.

KasimirJS libraries are independent from each other and independent from any other frameworks or libraries.

Use kasimirjs

Load library from infracamp (uncompressed with debugging stuff)

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://kasimirjs.infracamp.org/dist/v1/kasmir.full.js"></script>

Load production minified version (16kB)

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://kasimirjs.infracamp.org/dist/v1/kasmir.full-min.js"></script>


Kasimir Template

Kasimir Template library extends the dom-syntax with *if="", *for="" and other useful stuff to repeat, exclude, modify dom elements directly.

Demo: Rendering a html table

Kasimir Router

Kasimir Request

Use single line ajax requests with ka_http_req(<url>, <params>) library.

Kasimir Form